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Stackable Tetris Night Light

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What a wonderful idea! Tetris piece shaped lamps that you can stack. Of course, you're going to have to be sure to stack them non-optimally. If you make a straight line, sure, you'll get points, but then your lamp will disappear!

Hang on, let us double check that...

Oh, phew! Just kidding we didn't make them that way. when you stack these lamps they do not disappear like in the actual game. Please, forgive us, we figured it was just common knowledge that a Stackable Tetris LED Desk Lamp would actually mimic the game. These Tetris blocks light up when they're stacked together. It seems that there is no science capable of making teleporting light fixtures a thing. 

 【Best Decorative Lights】- 7 different colors of neon magic design, Each piece is a unique color. LED lights turn on when the pieces are stacked together; lights turns off when take it apart.

【Perfect Gift】- It would be the perfect decor light for your home. Ideal Gift for both adults and kids. Children's Day, Valentine's Day, Halloween and Christmas decorations and so on. It's Fun and conducive to creativity, no other desk lamps or lights can do.

【Different Combinations & DIY Toy】- Can be assembled interlock led module arbitrarily. An awesome decorative lamp, as well as a good toy for Tetris fans and children. You can DIY decor for your lights, assembled into different shapes or stick any decorative sticker you like.

【Automatic Lighting】- When the block lamps are stacked together, the LED lighting; When the blocks disassembly, the lights turn off. As long as the main block is connected to power/turn on, other blocks can be lighting when accumulate.


【Environmental Protection Material】- Quality ABS material, The packing consists of 7 interlocking lamps and a cable. 


Product Specifications

- Seven-piece interlocking light fixture for fans of Tetris
- Pieces can be stacked in any combination
- LED light turns on when the pieces are stacked together and stays off when disassembled.
- On/Off switch in base
- You get one of each shaped light per set.
- Multiple sets can be combined for super-keen Tetris illumination.
- Officially-licensed Tetris product
- Dimensions: 7" x 4" x 1" (height and width vary depending on stacked pattern)
- Package Dimensions: approx. 12.6" x 9.4" x 2.8"
- Power: Plugs into standard US 110v outlet
- Weight: 3.5 ounces

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