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George Floyd Free Phone Case (I Can’t Breathe)

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This Is Free. 100% Free. 

Moment Of Silence For George Floyd.








Rip George Floyd.

Made by our 3D Printing Team,these IPhone cases of George Floyd were made with no motive of profiting or whatsoever but to honor and keep the memory of another fallen soldier George Floyd alive and not just George Floyd but everyone who has lost their lives to police brutality and the cankerworm called “Racism” and to spread the message that “There Is No Freedom Until We’re All Equal” because here at our company GameOfLamps we believe in equality and togetherness. 

So we came together and decided to spread the message that #BlackLivesMatter with what we do best.It’s totally FREE. Note: We don’t own or run a shipment company so the only fee you pay here is for delivery to you, which is just $7. The Production and everything else is on us so it’s totally FREE. 

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