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Game Of Thrones 3D Dragon Lamp

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The New Sound Recognition Version Is Out!!!!!! The lamp comes on when you say DAENERYS and you can change the colours by speaking or clapping. It also comes in multi colours + a remote control, so you get to decide the colour you want for the day. Imagine walking into a room and lightning the place up just by saying Daenerys? How amazing is that?  Get yours now before it sold out!

Illuminate your house with our 3D printed dragon lamp that "breathes" fire.It represents Daenery's Dragon and also comes with a lot of special features. This is not just a lamp because it serves as a beautiful decorative figurine during daytime and a brightly lit lamp at night, isn't that 2 in 1?

Beauty just came alive in the design of this lamp, wherein the textures of flame and dragon have been perfectly printed around the bulb, to give you an amazing globe of light, transformed with a phenomenal touch. This lamp is definitely going to add a stylish perspective to your home or room.

If you are curious about how bright the lamps are, check this out

Here's A Video Of Our Sound Recognition Version:
 Multi-Coloured Vs Sound Recognition:
This uniquely designed lamp is sure to make you a star, as it adds a special aura to whichever corner of your abode it graces. After going through 8 seasons and awaiting the HOUSE OF THE DRAGON prequel, here's a must have.
This model was created by the 3DGameOfLamps team. We are a group of modelling and 3D printing enthusiasts, who work in a 3D maker space located in London, United Kingdom. We make lamps, technical gadgets and much more.


     Perfectly Detailed, Bright & Beautiful

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